Aegir video from DrupalDownUnder 2012

Last weekend (on the 15th January) I delivered a talk on Aegir at DrupalDownUnder 2012. I tried to do something we've not done before in Aegir demos: demonstrate basic usage along with more advanced, automated use of Aegir.

Overall I was happy with my talk - I ran out of time, as I was a bit too ambitious, but I really wanted to show the advanced stuff without alienating the newbies.

I had a great turn-out: sadly the talk was moved to a small room and it was overcrowded. I also was complimented on my presentation style, not too many 'um's, etc.

The video is already up! You can view it here (45 minutes) or in the embedded version below

Thanks to Next Day Video for the fast and professional recording of the video (splicing of live + slides etc), and to the DDU organisers for pulling off a unanimously fantastic conference! See you next year!