Aegir session confirmed for Drupal DownUnder

Today my proposed Aegir session for Drupal DownUnder in January was confirmed.

Update: slides of my session are here and the handout I gave is here.

Update: The video is up! You can view it here (45 minutes) or in the embedded version below

I'll be presenting on Saturday 14th at 13:30pm and will be trying to accomplish the difficult task of introducing newbies to the project as well as not bore veterans to death who've seen many an Aegir session before.

We'll cover:

1) The basics of using Aegir (for those new to the project / with simple needs for managing a small to large set of basic sites)

2) How to upgrade your site(s) to a new version of core / apply changes from a dev site to live

3) How to go berserk with step 2 using automated tools such as Jenkins, Git and Fabric, and see the Matrix

4) How to extend Aegir itself with basic add-ons / an overview of the current Aegir contrib space

5) A quick roadmap overview of where Aegir is and where it's going

I'll also have a datasheet for people to take home containing many links and resources regarding the stuff I'll be talking about, along with a crapload of stickers and a couple Aegir tshirts for lucky people!

See you there!