DrupalDojo - Introduction to the Aegir Hosting System

I recently led a live DrupalDojo webinar on the Aegir hosting system.

The session was designed in lieu of potentially presenting a future series of Aegir-related dojo sessions that progress in terms of topic complexity (i.e beginner through to expert).

For this reason, the session was largely an introduction to the system and how to use it, with some 'under the hood' peeks where possible for those users who are comfortable with the terminology and process already.


Aegir batch site backup script

Many Aegir users ask whether there is a way to schedule backups of all sites provisioned in Aegir. Currently at the time of writing, no such scheduling exists within Aegir itself, since we have a few design decisions to work out (such as where to store the backups, especially when multi-server comes in!)

For the meantime, here's a crude little shell script that might help you. You should execute it as the aegir user.


Building Drupal applications with drush_make, provisioning sites with Aegir

I did a screencast on how you can use Drush Make to generate 'builds' based on Drupal core, with optional components such as install profiles + module/theme/library dependencies. The example given is the Managing News news aggregation system.

I then show how you can add the build as a Platform in Aegir, and rapidly provision sites on it in a multisite structure.


Drupal deployments & workflows with version control, drush_make, and Aegir

It's the million dollar question. And it's rarely been answered because it's so darn hard to do so.

How to solve the dev / staging / live workflow problem in Drupal?

Today I'd like to tell you how I do it with my favourite deployment weapons: Aegir, Version control, and Drush Make.


Update regarding DNS and Views mystery - solved

So a while a go I had a DNS issue that stumped me. A master nameserver transferring an updated zone to a slave successfully, but queries to the slave server not reflecting the change!

Finally I worked it out. We were implementing views, and we didn't need to be, as our use case was not a case of using different zone files for the same zone and responding accordingly with differing results depending on the requestor client and which acl it matched.


Got a weird DNS issue that's stumped me.

Here's a good one.

dns2 is primary nameserver for a local zone ''. Running Debian Lenny, bind9, nothing unusual. Update this zone to add a Xen guest recently provisioned at the datacentre. Reload dns with rndc reload, the updated zone is transferred to the slave nameserver, which is dns1 (yeah I don't know why either, what's in a name).



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