Kippo deb package

I've built a basic kippo Debian package and dropped it into my personal Debian repository, .

If you're not aware, Kippo is an SSH honeypot written in Python (using Twisted). Read more at

It's pretty basic to install by hand, but I wanted to build some systems to install Kippo automatically using Puppet, so I wrote a deb.


Talking Aegir/Jenkins at Drupal Melbourne July 12th 2011

I'll be presenting a talk at Drupal Melbourne on Tuesday, July 12th 2011. The talk will be an overview of how the Aegir project uses Jenkins to continuously test the Aegir code, and how you can use a combination of Git, Drush Make, Aegir and Jenkins to test an installation of your site automatically every time you commit a change to your project.


Test your Drupal distro: Building a continuous integration server with Aegir & Jenkins

A while ago I wrote that I had started to use Jenkins for various purposes such as server backups, providing better notification in event of failure, yadda yadda.

Over at the Aegir project I implemented Jenkins to give us a continuous integration platform that kicks into gear either on demand or whenever one of us pushes a commit to the Drupal git repos. It does the following:


Upgrading Aegir itself to the latest version of Drupal

Today, Drupal released a security/bugfix for Drupal 6 and 7, bringing the latest version of Drupal 6 to 6.22.

Aegir is well known for making site upgrades very easy, fast and safe by way of the Migrate task. But some users might be wondering how to make the Aegir 'frontend', which is a Drupal-6 site itself, run on the latest version of Drupal without having to reinstall Aegir entirely.

For instance, if you installed Aegir 1.0 or 1.1, your Aegir system is probably running on Drupal 6.20.


Discovering Jenkins and increasing productivity

At my part time job, my junior has been fleshing out a Jenkins (formerly known as Hudson) installation.

In the long term, what we have in mind is providing a proper testing suite for the developers and testers in the company to use. But to get to grips with the software and what it's capable of doing, he came up with a great idea: transition our routine cron tasks into Jenkins 'builds'.


Was I the last to know? mod_auth basic, crypt() and the first 8 chars

I did not know this until just last week. Seems everyone I've mentioned it to already did, so I thought I'd better prove my noobness in bulk to you all now by writing about it.

It seems when you crypt a password with htpasswd and use (at least) basic mod_auth in Apache, the crypt only takes the first 8 characters of your password for use in authenticating a user.


Developing for Aegir - extending Aegir and communicating with install profiles

Aegir is a pretty powerful tool that allows you to very quickly provision new Drupal sites out of the box and manage them throughout their lifespan through a variety of tasks.

Its ability to understand different install profiles and thus 'distributions' shoots the awesome factor through the roof once you can deploy instances of OpenAtrium, Pressflow, ManagingNews or your own custom distro in just a couple of clicks.



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