Monitoring with Scumblr

I have been experimenting with Scumblr and Sketchy - two open source products released in August 2014 by Netflix.

Broadly speaking, Scumblr is a tool for performing external searches that can aggregate and track the results it finds. In addition it employs various workflow/status/tag features to produce a management tool for taking action on the items or 'events'.


Awesome Screenshot URL tracking and niki-bot

UPDATE: Awesome Screenshot 3.7.12 now offers an 'opt-out' setting to address this (but it's on by default) - read my new article here.

Back in June, my OSSEC logs alerted me to some web crawling activity by a crawler with a user-agent of 'niki-bot'. Chances are if you grep or analyse your web logs, you've seen it too.


Secure Keyboard Entry on OS X blocks interaction with Yubikeys

I recently got a few Yubikeys and have been implementing PAM, SSH integration and the like for two factor authentication across a range of infrastructure.

I'm pleased to say that Yubico's free and opensource Validation Server/KSM seem to work quite well, with the docs only marginally incorrect from time to time.. not bad for open source software :)



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